Saturday, August 2, 2014

Something to do with 43 minutes of your time

Last week I stumbled upon a podcast that just blew me away.  I was intruiged by the trailor that had been created for it.

I clicked the link at the end of the video and was taken to where I discovered a brilliantly produced pilot for a podcast.  For the next 43 minutes, I found myself glued to my comptuer listening to Nick Jaworksi (@JaworskiMusic) and four stories about music education.  The pilot has a very NPR like feel to it.  It very much reminded me of This American Life in it's structure and delivery.

I let Nick know on twitter that I thought he did an outstanding job with the podcast trailer and he replied
Here is hoping you will give it a listen and support Nick in this endeavor. I am looking forward to a second episode.

You can find the podcast on the website or you can also download it onto your favorite podcast app by searching for One Degree of Separation and downloading the latest episode there.  Here is a link to it on iTunes. I imagine Nick will eventually have a dedicated feed for the podcast if it is successful.