Wednesday, August 27, 2014

140 characters as checking for understanding

It would seem there was convergence in the force the other night.  I was reminded, during an excellent #musedchat on Twitter (Mondays, 5pm PST), of something I had read just before the school year started.

As part of Edutopia's #BestYearEver campaign, I stumbled upon an excellent resource on checking for understanding.  I remember eyeballing #39 - Twitter Post and thinking, "hmm, how might that be used in a music classroom?"  Little did I know my answer would come 20 days later.

The question was, "What are some of the classroom management tools you most frequently use?" (link)
The conversation that ensued was beneficial and further reinforced my appreciation in the power of Twitter as a professional development opportunity.

I had initially remembered that the CFU list had the students summarize via a tweet but what followed was the gold nugget,

Post-its.  What a great idea.  You don't need tech and you don't even need a Twitter account for your students.   Having students practice the skill of distilling their thoughts into 140 characters is important.  It forces students to evaluate what they want to say while still conveying meaning.

I wonder how others are using Twitter with their students.  Please share!