Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Checking in on myself

I wrote just before Father's day about my almost two year journey to a healthy lifestyle.  Since that time I have traveled to Washington, D.C., had an epiphany with Twitter, and even admitted to my own technology hoarding.  Last week my district and school started back with students and I was disappointed to say that my pants fit just a bit tighter than they should that first day.

I stepped on the scale and was sad to see that I had put on 10 pounds.  I knew it was going to be up; I have enjoyed summer.   All the fresh fruit, picnics, parties, and BBQ did me in.  It certainly didn't help that I had a sore shoulder that kept me out of the gym.  However all of those excuses are just that; excuses.  I can blame all of those reasons for the weight gain, but it was just me not sticking to the plan.  Since going back to work I am at the gym daily and expect to get back on track quickly.  I still have my goal of losing 25 more pounds by the end of October.  Without a plan, a goal is just a dream.

Color Run

I had a great experience at the Sacramento Color Run that took place on August 3rd.  About 15,000 people participated. If you ever get a chance to do a Color Run, take advantage of it.  While running or walking a 5k route, you get sprayed with a cornstarch color powder every kilometer.  Here is what it looks like as you approach one of the color stations (this happens to be the pink one).

By the end of the race you and your clothing end up looking like this...I think orange was the color that seemed to like me.

Color Run Sacramento 2013

At the end of the race they have a big celebration that happens every 15 minutes.  Each racer gets a packet of colored powder to throw up in the air to celebrate the end of the race.